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Physical fitness is essential to allow your body to function throughout an entire day without fatigue. With increased fitness levels, your body becomes more efficient at performing everyday tasks, repairing itself, and functioning in general. Fitness is quite a broad term to define overall healthy really, as it incorporates endurance, cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility and agility.

When you are in a fit and healthy state, you can perform moderate exercise with the minimum of fuss, and you will particularly notice that you can perform higher intensity exercise for longer, but also that you recover quicker. You will find that you are able to perform repeat efforts with lesser rest interval in between intensive bursts. In order to perform right exercise, You will need some fitness equipment like treadmill, elliptical trainer or rowing machine. In our opinion a rowing machine is the best fitness exercise machine that you can buy at an affordable price. In this article we will be discussing about how you can choose a top quality rowing machine in UK without burning lot of your money.

What is a rowing machine

A rowing machine (also known as indoor rower) is a fitness equipment that simulates rowing a boat.A rowing machine is very beneficial for those who have cardio related problem. A rower works the back and leg muscles in unison. Rowing machines started appearing at various colleges, universities and rowing clubs in the 1950s but it wasn’t until 30 years later that they became a popular piece of exercise equipment in both health clubs and home gyms. Using a rowing machine as part of your regular routine has a number of benefits and we’d like to point a few of the major ones. Despite having lots of benefit, it is the most under used fitness equipment. In our opinion a rowing machine is better that elliptical trainer, only thing is you need to perform rowing exercise correctly. As using wrong technique can lead to injuries and pain.

Rowing Machine Benefits

top rowing machines of 2018One of the first rowing machine benefit is a fantastic way of burning fat. Exercising on this piece of equipment can be done at such a pace that it allows the user to have an extended aerobic workout. This rhythmic exercise triggers the body to start burning stored fat which can assist you in your weight loss goals. In addition to helping improve the overall condition of your body, it is also an excellent way to burn calories. An intensive session on a rower can burn up to 800 calories in an hour.

The rowing machine is also an excellent way to build and tone muscles. The motion that is required to operate your rower works both upper and lower body muscles. As you pull on the handle, you work your arms, abdominal muscles, chest and back. The reverse motion works the lower body affecting the muscle groups in your legs, hips and lower body. If you’re looking to build muscle mass, program lower distances on the machine using a higher level of resistance. If your goal is to tone your muscles, use a lower level resistance.

Using a rowing machine as part of your regular routine in an excellent way to fit in a cardio workout. This helps improve your blood flow, which in turn benefits the heart and lungs. The rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment if you’re looking to burn excess body fat, build or tone your muscles and improve your health through a cardio workout. Most important is that you workout on regular base and with good rowing technique. If you stick with a good workout schedule it won’t take long to see results. Rowing machines have a lot of benefits for anyone that is looking to get back into shape or those that want to take their physical fitness routine to the next level.


  • Machines are suitable for many people (elderly, woman, man, children, youth). This is because you can regulate your own pace. If you are beginner, you can start slowly, just a few minutes a day with a slow pace. And gradually you will become better and better.
  • Rowing is considered an aerobic activity. It raises the heart rate and gets your blood flowing, in turn strengthening your heart and helping prevent serious diseases in the future.
  • With rowing machines you can. As you catch the handles of the rowing machine and begin to pull forward, you are engaging your pelvis and thighs. As you pull, your arms, shoulders, back, and abdomen get involved. As you slide back, your legs, hips, and torso do the brunt of the work. With regular use of a rowing machine, you’ll notice muscle toning and development in areas of the body that can be difficult to work. The backs of your upper arms, shoulders, and butt all get a good workout with proper rowing form.
  • n order to lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it takes in. Heavy rowing machine workouts can burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories an hour. You can do your own calculation on this calories burned calculator.
  • A rowing machine will help tone and strengthen your muscles. With rowing machines you work with all the muscles and muscles burns calories more efficiently than fat. So as you row your muscle mass increases and your body will drop weight naturally.
  • A great thing about rowing machine is that is harder to row outside. You have to have a boat or rent one and you must be close to water, lake, sea or river, if you want to row. That’s a difference between rowing machine and let’s says exercise bikes, treadmills. It is better and more fun to run in the nature, that’s also with bikes. Biking in nature is great, a lot of fun, it’s healthier than indoor and even cheaper than buying a good exercise bike.

Exercise that you can perform with a rowing machine

  1. Regular exercise. This is key and in an ideal scenario, you should exercise daily. You have probably heard that even 20 minutes of exercise per day is sufficient; and this is the case if you are carrying out physical activity on a daily basis. If you are only exercising every second or third day, then you should look to increase the duration to 30-60 minutes.
  2. Eat more veggies. Vegetables and fruits will keep you energized and healthy. Vegetable sin particular, contain lots of fiber and nutrition’s and next to zero “empty calories”, meaning that the bulk of the meal is useful in some way other than simply providing energy.
  3. Weight train. Resistance training is important as your muscles are in a constant state of decline if they are not used. Strength and tone is both healthy, and aids in a defined appearance.
  4. Interval training. Continuous exercise at the same intensity is ok for the first few weeks of a fitness program, but your body soon responds and the physical returns you get from the activity diminishes. You should look to train at varying levels of intensity so that you body is not given the chance to adapt and become efficient.
  5. Hydrate. The majority of the human body’s mass is actually water, and for this reason being under-hydrated can be very detrimental to your health. Every cell in your body from your bran to your toes requires water to function. Give it what it needs by remaining hydrated throughout the day PLUS replacing fluids after exercise. A great way to check that you’re not dehydrated after exercise is to weight yourself before and after exercise. Any weight difference between the start and end weight is a by-product of a loss of fluid and needs to be replaced.

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