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Doctors At War Against Trafficking Worldwide is puting out a call to action for doctors of all disciplines to get involved in the global war against the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world – the buying and selling of human beings for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and other types of abuse.  This is modern-day slavery, termed “human trafficking” in recent years, and it must be stopped.

Founded by Dr. Daniel Bercu – an emergency physician practicing in the Nashville, Tennessee area -Doctors at War is looking for doctors of all disciplines and specialties who have a heart to get involved in this fight on the front lines.

Doctor’s At War is a nonprofit organization that consists of doctors of all disciplines along with other healthcare professionals and committed individuals, willing to join in the battle against human trafficking — one of the greatest human rights atrocities our world has seen.  We are a worldwide organization, as this battle is taking place in virtually every country in the world.

We are fighting human trafficking in many ways including connecting doctors and other healthcare professionals with those who are involved on the front lines of this fight, and giving them the opportunity to make a difference.  We are working with safe houses worldwide involved in the rescue and restoration of survivors.

The ultimate goal is in reintegrating these individuals back into society as emotionally whole and healed individuals, carrying the tools to become self sufficient and to not fall prey to this type of exploitation again.  We will provide primary and specialty medical  care to those who have been rescued from bondage, and offer technical, emotional and financial support for both those doing the restoration work and those who have been rescued out of unimaginable circumstances.



“…Over the years, I have seen that there is a fairly large contingency of lawyers involved in anti-trafficking work, yet only a handful of doctors…”
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