Educators/Speakers    We need healthcare professionals who are willing to lecture on the   recognition of potential victims in the day-to-day operation of a   medical practice.  This would be especially valuable at conferences and   to larger groups of physicians.  We hope to focus on those who are   working in clinics and in emergency departments, those who work in the   inner city or with high risk (minority, immigrant or runaway) groups.    This would require that the speaker familiarize him/herself with   trafficking material in order to articulately share this information   with others.  We can provide training materials and PowerPoint   presentations to those who are interested.

Donors       Healthcare professionals who are willing to either donate   financially to the organization or who are willing to solicit funds for   the ongoing needs of the organization. You can give a one-time or monthly donation to the cause.    In addition you can share what we are doing with others and encourage   them to donate.  Furthermore, you can organize or host a fundraiser and   direct the proceeds to Doctor’s At War.  Funds are primarily needed to   support ongoing projects such as paying for specialty care for a   survivor, for administrative costs, and to support those doing the   restoration work of these victims.  Doctor’s At War is an all-volunteer   organization so your funds will go a long way in the war against human   trafficking. DONATE NOW!

Specialists       Imagine dealing with scars, branding or tattoos that were forcibly   placed on your body while being trafficked.  Or in another scenario   becoming pregnant while being trafficked and making the brave decision   to keep your child, only to have that child be born with a congenital   heart defect or possibly a cleft palate.  We need specialists worldwide   who will offer their expertise in areas such as plastic surgery, oral   surgery, and primary care who are willing to care for victims pro bono.

Volunteers       You can also offer your time.  We are developing a network of   physicians around the world who are willing to use their medical   expertise to help victims.  We are especially looking for those in the   fields of Family/Internal Medicine, Plastic Surgery, OB-GYN, Infectious   Disease, and Dentists/Oral Surgeons.  In addition we have a couple of   projects that will require some physician input to complete –   specifically the Emergency Multilingual Phrasebook and the Multilingual   Law Enforcement Phrasebook.

Organizational Assistance       A critical element in the workings of a nonprofit organization is   it’s leadership.  We really have a need individuals who are willing to   serve in an organizational capacity which includes being on an Advisory   Board or even to be considered for our Board Of Directors.

Administrative/Non-Medical       There are so many aspects to running a nonprofit such as Doctor’s   At War and we need people who are willing to use their experience to be a   part of what we are doing around the world.  The following is only a   short list of ideas for the types of expertise you can share in order to   partner with us and help us to be an effective organization.  Teaching,   photography, video production, web design, grant seeking and grant   writing, advertising, fundraising, writing of newsletters, brochures and   other promotional materials, public relations including seeking out   radio, newspaper, and magazine coverage of what we are doing, event   planning, volunteer coordination, etc.  Please just think about your   talents and your passions, and find a place to serve!  We are looking   for leaders, people who are self starters and have the initiative to   take on a project and see it through to completion.  We want this to be   an organization that belongs to all of those who are working on it.  We   also need individuals for filing reports, minutes for meetings,   registering our organization with others, year end statements, thank   you’s, etc.


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