Doctors At War

war against disease in UK

Across the United Kingdom, there are daily reports of abuse and neglect by employees who engage in the care of the elderly. From physical abuse to verbal abuse, caregivers often report fatigue, lack of empathy and stress contribute, profoundly, to the underlying basis for such neglect of the elderly population.

In some healthcare settings, employers are offering employees support in their daily care of the elderly patients or residents. For example, in Fort Worth, Texas, employees in a local hospital, responsible for caring for the elderly patients, were afforded an opportunity to participate in a program known as The Comprehensive Caregiver Choices Program. In a structured setting, employees obtained education and support services as part of their employee benefits.

While many employers offer caregiver support programs, it is the program that is unique to the care of the elderly that provides the most significant improvement in the outcome of patient care to this specific demographic. As a method by which to support the caregivers of the elderly, the ultimate goal of these types of employer-based support programs involves the improved care and outcome to the elderly patients they serve while improving the life of the caregiver.

Since the main objective in most employer-based caregiver support programs involves education and professional support to the care giving staff, there are many employees and caregivers who simply do not attend the support service programs believing there is nothing to be gained. However, as shown through The Comprehensive Caregiver Choices Program, some caregivers are afforded assistance in personal resources as well while providing the caregiver with the outside resources that can also be provided to elderly patients.

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