November 5, 2013 thru November 17, 2013

This will be our 3rd year taking a medical team to far western Nepal.  Our goal is to provide care for the Kamaiya, an entire people group in Nepal who have been enslaved for generations.  The Kamaiya were declared free approximately 10 years ago as the government outlawed slavery in Nepal.  Unfortunately their general social condition has remained quite destitute.

The government has provided land for the 50-60,000 Kamaiya in western Nepal, but it seems it is barely enough to sustain them.  Very few of the Kamaiya have had the benefit of education or the opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle that they now find themselves to be in.  We are aware of many cases of young Kamiaya women being lured (or sold into) sex trafficking.  Most of the Kamaiya get very little or no medical care whatsover.

Our partners in Nepal, Peace Rehabilitation Center, continue to find new and innovative ways to help the Kamaiya including training / scholarships to provide a better future.  They are also responsible for bringing our medical teams to provide care, non-formal education regarding trafficking, farming, ways to improve their daily life and insight into how not become a target for opportunists.

                For more information regarding the Kamaiya, click on this picture:                    kamaiya

 Our Itinerary (tenative)

OUR ITINERARY (tentative)

November 5, 2013.  Leave from Newark NJ on Qatar Airways  11:35pm

November 6, 2013.  Arrive in Doha, Qatar.  Our layover is 8 hours. You can obtain a Visa while at the airport and see some of the city if you desire.  The cost is around $60.  A cab ride will cost around $40, you can share it with 2-3 others.  Doha is a beautiful city.

November 7, 2013.   Arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal.  We will stay overnight in a hotel here.  You should have a chance to shop for a few hours.

November 8, 2013. We wil take a bus ride (about 8 hours) to the National Forest to enjoy the sights of Nepal and have a little fun.

November 9, 2013. National Forest.

November 10, 2013.   We will use this Sunday to drive the short trip to Dhangadhi where our medical camps will be held.  We will spend some of the evening sorting and arranging      medication.

November 11 – 15.  We will put on several camps this week and see a large number of patients.  We hope to also have a dental clinic and a cataract clinic here.

November 15.   We will fly back to Kathmandu on a beautiful flight along the Himalayan mountains.  Hopefully it will be clear.

November 15, 16.  These days will be spent in Kathmandu.  We will have dinner at Peace Rehabilitation Center, a restoration home for victims of human trafficking.  We will   hear about their work and perhaps hear some of the stories from some of the girls there.  Again, we should get some time to shop here if you wish.  The Kathmandu markets are  a sight to see. Highly recommended.

November 16.  We will fly out of Kathmandu very late in the day, arriving for a 6 hour stay in Doha.

November 17.  We will arrive in Washington at approximatelty 3pm.


                    *******  TOTAL TRIP COST:  $3,600 all inclusive. This includes travel from Washington, all hotels, meals, fees, etc.  You will need to pay for your travel to Washington.  If you are flying from the west coast we can book a flight from Los Angelas traveling west.  We may be able to book a flight for you out of Houston also if that is more convenient.  If you wish  to see Doha, Qatar you will need to pay for your visa and cab fare also.

The only money you will need once we leave the USA is for souvenirs.   Please note that we need to know as early as possible how many will be traveling to get the best rates on flights.  We will have to increase the rate to $3,850 to those who cannot commit to travel until after September 10th as our cost will go up for tickets.

We know that this is an expensive trip!  Our transportation costs alone account for well over 60% of our total cost.  Still this is not only a value at this price, but it is going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Please consider joining us.  We need doctors, nurses, organizers, those with pharmacy expereience, laypersons, PA’s, NP’s.  We especially hope to do dental care and perhaps even cataract surgeries.


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